by | Dec 5, 2016

Login on the left then use the options on the right to make changes. 

To send a newsletter login to MailChimp with the button on the left. 

To add a new testimonal to the home page you click edit home page. Find the two unlocked sections (not orange colored) click on the three horizontal lines to open the slider. then click the ‘clone’ option on one the sliders. Then edit the new row/slider the same way the others are formatted. For these sliders we want it to be an excerpt instead of the whole thing otherwise it takes up too much room. Hit save and exit. Then scroll down and do the same thing to the slider lower down the page. The lower slider has more room for text but if the testimonial is longer then try to end it at the same length as the others in that section. Next, click add new post and make a new post with the testmonial writers name. Then the entire testimonial can be entered into the post. Now select the category it is ‘testimonial’ then under testimonial the type of case it was, you can select more than one. Hit publish. 

To add a new blog/news post click add new post and write the article (any title you’d like) then select the category for the post make sure at least the “News” category is selected to feed it to the right page. Then add a ‘featured image’ and hit publish. 

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