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Michigan Automobile Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one has had the unfortunate experience of being involved in an automobile accident, you will have a wide range of emotions. You will feel the immediate trauma of having experienced a violent life event. You will then face the realization that you have been seriously inured and life may never be the same for you. Unfortunately, this is where most people do not take the action step of contacting an experienced and caring Michigan personal injury attorney.

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Experience Matters

When facing the emotions association with a traumatic automobile accident, it is invaluable to have attorneys sitting with you that have the experience of helping clients for decades. The lawyers at Ford & Murphy know what you are going through and will answer all of your questions to the best of their ability. They will meet with you at your home, office or hospital and will truly take the time to understand not only the facts surrounding your accident, but your personal circumstances as well.

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Immediate Action May Be Required!

In any automobile accident, there may be evidence that needs to be obtained immediately to preserve and protect your case. Do not wait until it is too late to retain the services of an aggressive and experienced law firm dedicated to protecting your rights. In Michigan, you may be entitled to No-Fault benefits and witnesses may need to be interviewed right away while their observations are fresh in their minds. The lawyers at Ford & Murphy, P.C. will aggressively investigate your case and preserve any evidence that may be needed to resolve your case, whether by a favorable settlement or taking it all the way to a trial.

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