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Michigan Dog Bite Attorneys

In Michigan, dog and animal owners are held to a very strict duty of care and must take steps to prevent their animals from attacking innocent people. If you, your child, or a family member have been attacked and injured by an animal, you have the right to pursue an action against the owner. The lawyers at Ford & Murphy have the experience to investigate your claim and make sure that those responsible are held accountable. This may even involve an action against building owners who allow tenants to keep dangerous animals on their premises.

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Children Can Be Permanently Scarred

Animals that attack without any provocation often target defenseless children and vulnerable seniors. If your child has been attacked by a dog, they may have to endure painful treatment for their injuries, including rabies vaccinations and wound care. The scarring that can result from an animal attack can be permanent even with expensive plastic or reconstructive surgery. The lawyers at Ford & Murphy have helped many families restore their children’s self-esteem by fighting for the monetary damages necessary to heal the wounds from an animal’s attack.

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Animal Attacks Can Cause Lifelong Psychological Trauma

If a child or vulnerable adult is attacked by an animal, the scars can be deeper than just those caused to your physical body. Domestic animals are a way of life in Michigan and an unprovoked attack can cause severe emotional distress and psychological trauma to the victim. The lawyers at Ford & Murphy have the experience necessary to make sure you are referred to a qualified professional and that your rights are protected. They will aggressively pursue your case when others dismiss your emotional trauma. Your emotional and psychological health are critical to enjoyment of life and Ford & Murphy will respect your feelings and fears.

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