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James Ford and William Murphy are lawyers that have been fighting for a safer Michigan for decades. They take their clients’ cases personally and fight hard to restore their lives. This is the true test of attorneys that have a client-centered practice. Are you better off having known Ford & Murphy, P.C.? We are confident your answer will be a resounding “Yes!”

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Restore Your Dignity

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured, the first thing that goes through your mind is, “Will I ever get back to where I was BEFORE the accident?” This is a common question, and the lawyers at Ford & Murphy, P.c. have fought for many years to improve their client’s lives by trying to restore their dignity and financial security. They do this by taking immediate action and investigating your case with the end in mind of resolving your case with a maximum recovery for you and your family.

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You Only Have One Opportunity

When you are the victim of another’s negligence, you have no other recourse under the law then to try and recover money damages from that individual or business entity. You only have one opportunity at proving and recovering the damages that you are owed. Therefore, make sure you retain the services of attorneys with the experience necessary to maximize your recovery and fight for you in and out of court.

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The Time is Now

In Michigan, there are time limitations when you may bring a claim to recover damages after a serious injury or death. The attorneys at Ford & Murphy P.C. will immediately research your individual claim and any applicable statutes of limitation for your case. This will ensure that you do not miss any deadlines that could keep you from bringing your claim.

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Personal Attention

There are many personal injury attorneys in Michigan. Many advertise on TV, billboards and radio. James Ford and William Murphy have built a record of improving their clients’ lives with one thing always in mind…personal attention. You and your family will feel like you are the only client of Ford & Murphy, P.C. They take the time to meet with you and understand your individual situation and what it will take to restore your life. Your phone calls will be returned promptly and all of the attorneys make home or hospital visits.

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Firm Testimonials

Motorcycle Accident

In April 2015, I was in a serious motorcycle wreck that led me to be hospitalized for a few days. After coming home, Mr. Murphy drove to my house and we discussed the accident. From that day on, he has been wonderful. He made it a point to stay in contact with me, asking about doctor’s appointments and keeping me informed of everything that was happening. In just seven short months, Mr. Murphy has won me a substantial amount of money. With that being said, I recommend Mr. Murphy to anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer.


Car Accident

Usually when I read testimonials I am still skeptical of their authenticity but I hope after reading this you will know Mr. Murphy is the right lawyer for you. However, with that being said, I chose Mr. Murphy as my lawyer and he went 200% above my expectations. He started on my case the first day I called him and I live in another state. Mr. Murphy kept me informed, gave me advice, and made everything stress free on my part. He was professional, confident and his experience speaks for itself. He did all the work, I only signed a few papers. He started my case in November 2013 and I had my settlement in the bank before Christmas, and I can honestly say my settlement was way more then I imagined!!!! He did all of this for me and we have never even met. He showed me that he cared for me and my family which really means a lot to me. I even called one time to speak with him but he was not there so I ended up speaking with Mr. Ford. He also was very nice, up to date on my case and answered all of my questions, which was very reassuring. I am very pleased that Mr. Murphy was my lawyer and cannot wait to meet him and finally shake his hand. Thank you so much once again Mr. Murphy.

– Ruth

Car Accident

Following my accident in 2011, good friends recommended that I contact Ford & Murphy Law. It was great advice. After meeting with Bill at our home we knew we had made the right decision to call. Bill and Jim worked well together to solve some complicated issues involving our health insurer’s claim for reimbursement from our settlement. We received frequent updates along with careful advice throughout. My wife and I were very pleased with the results.

Motorcycle Accident

August 7th 2008, a wonderful day, warm and sunny, a good day for a motorcycle ride. All of a sudden my life is changed forever. A car ran a stop sign and then stopped in front of me. The next thing I know it is 8 weeks later.
When I woke up my first thoughts were of my wife. Who has been helping her cope with my injuries and insurance needs? As luck would have it, a friend pointed her toward Ford & Murphy Law Offices, truly a blessing.
All of our needs have been taken care of by Mr. Ford & Mr. Murphy. Always ready to help in any way and any hour of the day or night. They sure made our horrible experience much easier to handle. My wife and I feel we have not only found two great lawyers but two wonderful friends. We highly recommend Mr. Ford and Mr. Murphy for any legal needs you may have.
-Dan and Jayne D.

Injured on Property / Safety Glass

I lost my balance and my leg went through the entry door of my friend’s apartment building. The door did not have safety glass and I was cut badly and left with a terrible scar on my leg. No one would take my case until a friend told me about Ford & Murphy. Bill and Jim filed suit for me, fought the insurance company and I received a nice settlement.
-Darcy R.

Dog Bite

My son was five years old when a neighbor’s dog bit him in the face for no reason. I will never forget how he looked when I took him to the hospital. The doctors did the best they could to repair his face. Ford & Murphy filed suit for us. They worked out a settlement that will guarantee my son will have money for college. I will always be grateful.
-Lacey K.

Bicycle Accident / Injured on Property

I’m writing to say “Thank you!” to the law office of Ford and Murphy, P.C. for the successful result of the personal injury litigation they recently handled for my family. Attorney William Murphy took my case, which was not an easy one, and pursued it vigorously. Mr. Murphy advised my wife and I throughout the process with warmth, candor and professionalism. We appreciate the clear information we were given throughout, with no false promises or inflated expectations. Mr. Murphy’s expert advice allowed us to make sound decisions, which was especially important at a time when I was struggling with several critical health problems. Thanks to his efforts, all of my medical expenses from the past year have been compensated. It’s taken over a year of hard work for me to recover from my injuries – it would have taken many years (if ever) for my family’s finances to recover without the legal help we received. We are happy to recommend this law firm, without reservation, as one which provides the highest standard of legal services with honesty and humanity.
-Brian S.

Motorcycle Accident

A devastating motorcycle accident on July 4th 2010 necessitated my search for legal representation. As is the case with most of their clients, my decision to contact the law firm of Ford & Murphy was based solely upon the experience and referral of a close friend. I knew immediately that I made the right choice.
I found Jim and Bill to be honest in their assessment of my case as well as diligent and thorough in their research and representation. They were always accessible to answer questions and continuously kept me abreast of the status of my case. As a result I received a very fair settlement at a fair and equitable fee.
Even after the case was settled their expert counsel has continued to provide comfort and guidance through uncertain and confusing times. As it turns out, I didn’t simply secure the services of a law firm, I made trusted friends for life.
-Randy G.

Car Accident

When it came to navigating the warzone of insurance liability claims following a MVA with an underinsured motorist, I was lost. With no idea of what to do or who to turn to for help, my wife and I prayed, believing that the Lord would lead us to the right place for the guidance we needed. God led us to Bill Murphy. His wide breadth of knowledge of the law combined with his high ethical standards and impressive tenacity has been a source of encouragement and hope for me. Bill Murphy, along with others at Ford & Murphy P.C., went above and beyond to make sure that I received the medical care I needed as well as financial settlement to help me take care of my home and family. -Greg D.


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