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Kalamazoo / Battle Creek Recreational Vehicle Accident Attorneys Protect Your Rights

Were you the victim of a drunk driving injury accident caused by a drinking boater or personal watercraft user?
Did a loved one lose his or her life in a boating accident caused by negligence in west or southwest Michigan?
The representation and compassion you are seeking can be found at the Kalamazoo personal injury and wrongful death law firm of Ford & Murphy, P.C.
They have the lawyers who, during decades of experience, have built a recognized reputation for positive results throughout west and southwest Michigan. They are proud of their solid record for improving clients’ lives.
Recreational boating is a popular pastime in Michigan. Residents, tourists and visitors enjoy a wide range of boating activities on our lakes, rivers and reservoirs. When people suffer serious personal injuries or fatal injuries leading to wrongful death in a boat accident, the operator or boat owner may be liable for damages.
If you or a family member has suffered a catastrophic injury in a boat accident, you owe it to yourself to pursue a personal injury claim. Ford & Murphy’s goal is to obtain maximum compensation for you, to defray your lost income, medical expenses, boat repair or replacement, and pain and suffering. They do that by skillfully negotiating with a negligent boater’s insurer or, if necessary, aggressively representing you in court.
Their only concern is for your physical and financial well-being — and your family’s brighter future. At Ford & Murphy, P.C., they fight for a safer Michigan, in every case they accept. Contact them today for a free consultation. Call 269-342-9900.

You receive their quality personal injury legal services on a strict contingent fee basis. You owe no attorney fee unless they win your case.
Kalamazoo Boating Accident Attorneys Fighting for a Safer Michigan
Our Ford & Murphy, P.C., attorneys pursue fair compensation in boating accident cases involving:
Drunk boaters
Water skiing accidents
Jet Ski and personal watercraft accidents
Boat overcrowding
Failure to provide passengers with personal flotation devices
Ford & Murphy lawyers James B. Ford and William K. Murphy work with investigators to reconstruct the scene of your accident. They retain medical experts to assist the development of your damage claim. They effectively and efficiently represent the rights of their clients in settlement negotiations with insurance companies. If you’re not happy with a settlement offer, they will not hesitate to take the case to court and present the matter to a jury.
Help them help you — and to send a strong message to negligent and drunk driving boaters. Contact Ford & Murphy for the aggressive representation you need and the personal service you deserve.
You receive their quality personal injury legal services on a strict contingent fee basis. You owe no attorney fee unless they win your case.
Contact Us for a Free Consultation — Home and Hospital Visits Are Available
Reach them by phone at 269-342-9900

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