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Reasonable Expenses in Wrongful Death Cases

When a lawyer bills a client for expenses in a contingency case, he cannot mark up the amount charged for any third-party services, such as court reporter fees. The fee charged must “reasonably reflect” the actual cost of those services, according to a recently...

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Nursing Home Injuries Demand Experienced Counsel

There can be many nuances to slip and fall cases that illustrate the importance of retaining experienced counsel to help you with your case. One recent Michigan case provides a compelling example. In Paberzs v. Eight Star Ltd. P'ship, the Michigan Court of Appeals...

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Serious Impairment of a Body Function Victory

The Michigan Court of Appeals recently ruled in Carlisle v. Wright that a trial court should be overturned after granting a motion for summary disposition and dismissing a claim by a 75 year old accident victim. The court held that the woman's rapid cognitive...

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