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William Murphy and Phillip Reed are lawyers that have been fighting for a safer Michigan for decades. They take their clients’ cases personally and fight hard to restore their lives. This is the true test of attorneys that have a client-centered practice. Are you better off having known Murphy & Reed, P.L.C.? We are confident your answer will be a resounding “Yes!”

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Restore Your Dignity

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured, the first thing that goes through your mind is, “Will I ever get back to where I was BEFORE the accident?” This is a common question, and the lawyers at Murphy & Reed, P.L.C. have fought for many years to improve their client’s lives by trying to restore their dignity and financial security. They do this by taking immediate action and investigating your case with the end in mind of resolving your case with a maximum recovery for you and your family.

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You Only Have One Opportunity

When you are the victim of another’s negligence, you have no other recourse under the law then to try and recover money damages from that individual or business entity. You only have one opportunity at proving and recovering the damages that you are owed. Therefore, make sure you retain the services of attorneys with the experience necessary to maximize your recovery and fight for you in and out of court.

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The Time is Now

In Michigan, there are time limitations when you may bring a claim to recover damages after a serious injury or death. The attorneys at Murphy & Reed P.L.C. will immediately research your individual claim and any applicable statutes of limitation for your case. This will ensure that you do not miss any deadlines that could keep you from bringing your claim.

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Personal Attention

There are many personal injury attorneys in Michigan. Many advertise on TV, billboards and radio. William Murphy and Phillip Reed have built a record of improving their clients’ lives with one thing always in mind…personal attention. You and your family will feel like you are the only client of Murphy & Reed, P.L.C. They take the time to meet with you and understand your individual situation and what it will take to restore your life. Your phone calls will be returned promptly and all of the attorneys make home or hospital visits.

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Firm Testimonials

Jayne –

"Bill became our friend, as well as our lawyer My husband, Dan's brain was severely injured in a motorcycle accident in 2008. He passed away this January. Over the years, Bill has filed four different lawsuits to force our insurance company to pay for benefits. Bill...

Anonymous –

"He was easy to work with, kept me informed, and At 16 years old I was thrown out of the back of my friend's car when he made a bad turn. I broke every bone in my back and had surgery that left me with a long scar. My friend's insurance company refused to pay a fair...

Fred –

"My wife and I are very pleased with Bill's representation I had just retired and was looking forward to the many recreational activities my wife and I enjoyed when an uninsured driver pulled in front of us at 55 mph, causing a major problem with my right leg. I had...

Anonymous –

"Bill stood with us and forced them to My 10 year old daughter and I were in a 7-car terrible crash on the "S" curve in Grand Rapids. The insurance companies of the other individuals attacked us and the difficult time we had recovering. Bill stood with us and forced...

Allan –

"I am legally blind and suffered an injury while attending a service at a local Rabbi's home. Mr. Murphy came to my home for all our appointments and carefully explained each step of the litigation process. I had a number of pre-existing conditions which made recovery...

Jeff –

"I sustained some serious injuries as the result of a drunk driver who had passed out behind the wheel and rear ended my car. My head injury made clear and cognitive thought very challenging. As well, I had a lot of physical problems that impeded my mobility. I wasn’t...

Greg D. –

"When it came to navigating the warzone of insurance liability claims following a MVA with an underinsured motorist, I was lost. With no idea of what to do or who to turn to for help, my wife and I prayed, believing that the Lord would lead us to the right place for...

Randy G. –

"A devastating motorcycle accident on July 4th 2010 necessitated my search for legal representation. As is the case with most of their clients, my decision to contact the law firm of Ford & Murphy was based solely upon the experience and referral of a close...

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