We have previously written about a Michigan law that makes it illegal for Michigan personal injury firms to send mailings to individuals or their immediately family soliciting or trying to get their business. This was partnered with House Bill 4770 and Public Act 218 which goes into effect on January 1, 2014 as well.

We reported earlier that law firms were obtaining motor vehicle accident reports from law enforcement agencies, determining the injured victims’ personal information like their names and addresses, and then sending targeted and sometimes glossy mailings to get their personal injury case. The Michigan legislature has attempted to limit this practice by forcing Michigan personal injury law firms to file a statement indicating that if they do get the police report within the 30 days, that they will not break the law by using it to solicit individuals or disclose any personal information.

Why Disclose Accident Victims’ Personal Information in the First Place?

The problem with this approach is that it does not stop the problem of people who have been victims of negligence and involved in horrific traffic accidents having their personal information shared with attorneys, their staff, and anyone else with access to their files. This information should not be available to the general public and mailings to accident victims should be banned all together, not just after the first 30 days.

In our fast-paced world 30 days goes by in the blink of an eye and victims and their immediately family will only have triple the amount of mailings, all on the first day after the deadline. Since Michigan personal injury law firms still have access to all their information, this law simply gives them more time to prepare their mailings and blast everyone the day after the deadline. Victims of personal injury accidents in Michigan deserve to have their privacy respected and our law firm is dedicated to providing a high level of service to those individuals who find us through referrals and our other means of media, NOT direct solicitation mailings.

If you have been the victim of a Michigan personal injury law firm contacting you illegally, call us immediately at (269) 342-9900 to find our your rights.

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