Landlord/Tenant Law

If you are a landlord, you know that it can get complicated. Owning and managing property is more than painting and carpeting a house, it’s about real people with real problems. As an investment property owner, I understand the challenges that a person can face leasing a home. Most disputes arise from non-payment of rent, however, additional disputes and issues tend to emerge that can leave the property owner frustrated. Reed Law understands the demands of being a landlord and focuses on providing legal services that add value to your property portfolio.

Reed Law effectively negotiates on your behalf, and will, if necessary aggressively represent you at trial.

We assist landlords with the following:

  • Payment and nonpayment of rent
  • Eviction proceedings
  • Termination of lease
  • Lease agreement drafting
  • Security deposits
  • Property damage
  • Early termination
  • Actions to collect unpaid rent
  • Collection proceedings

Filing for eviction: 

  • When filing for eviction, we often file more than one lawsuit to more efficiently serve our clients.
  • After we are awarded a judgment, Reed Law begins the collection proceedings.
  • We have flexible payment options to meet each client’s needs.

Protecting yourself from litigation:

Michigan law requires that landlords comply with certain restrictions. Following these restrictions will protect a landlord from litigation brought forth by a tenant.

Implied warranty of habitability:

This implied warranty requires a lessor to lease a residential unit in a safe physical condition with no latent defects. The property condition must meet all basic human needs throughout the entire term of the lease. However, certain dangers maybe disclosed by the landlord. Dangers that are disclosed do not automatically relieve a landlord from the duty to provide a habitable building. A landlord can be liable, whether the landlord is acting in good or bad faith.

This warranty does not mean that the house must be without fault, tastefully decorated or even ideal. This warranty applies to a basic standard of livability. If a person could not realistically live in the rental house, it probably does not meet the necessary requirements of implied warranty of habitability.

Below are some examples of Breach of Implied Warranty, however this list is not exhaustive:

  • Water damage or flooding
  • Carbon monoxide gas leaks
  • Serious plumbing issues
  • Unsound roofing
  • Nonworking or unreliable furnace
  • Nonworking or unreliable hot-water heater
  • Substantial insect or rodent infestation
  • Unstable foundation or structure
  • Excessive or dangerous renovations or construction
  • Unsanitary Conditions
  • Fire Safety Issues
  • Mold or Environmental Contamination

Each situation can be unique, but the standard is typically determined by whether a reasonable person would consider the premises habitable.

Landlord Hot Topics

Property tax appeals:

Do you think that your property taxes are too high?
Reed Law focuses on creative tax appeals and explores all aspects of your real property tax assessments. We look at value, pre and post assessments and identify ways to potentially lower your tax burden. Reed Law focuses on cost effect ways to handle tax appeals that will potentially lead to reduced assessments and possible refunds

Insurance coverage and criminal actions: 

Knowing what your policy covers is essential to long success in real estate. Many property owners believe they are covered and find out after the fact that they are not. A recently emerging issue that many landlord’s face is insurance companies failing to cover the clean-up costs of methamphetamine production. If your home has been used in the production of meth, the clean-up costs can be excessive. Most insurance policies do not cover this damage leaving property owners to pay for the repairs out of pocket. Reed Law will review your insurance policy and determine if more coverage or additional coverage is needed.

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