We have a great deal of testimonials on our website that talk about our firm’s level of personal attention and how we made our clients feel through the painful process of dealing with a personal injury or wrongful death case. However, what you can also see from the testimonials is that we have a real attention to detail and have the same resources as many of the big personal injury firms you see on television and billboards. Our practice has thrived on referrals from individuals and other attorneys who trust us with their best friends and clients.

Staying Small By Choice

We have remained a small personal injury law firm on purpose. We take a limited amount of cases so that the proper resources can be spent to make sure that every one of our clients can maximize their recovery. In most personal injury case, attorney fees are calculated on a contingency fee basis. This means that your attorney is only paid based on the amount of the recovery. However, this amount is reduced by the expenses that have been spent in order to obtain that award or judgment. Therefore, it is in everyone’s interest to discuss and make intelligent decisions about what is spent on a personal injury claim.

Proper Communication is a Key

Because we can provide such a high level of care and attention to detail with our clients, these decisions are rarely a problem as the lines of communication are always open. If you are considering hiring an attorney to handle what you consider to be a “big” case such as a wrongful death or permanent disability case, our law firm backs up our personal care with the resources and money necessary to properly investigate your case and prepare it for trial if necessary.

If you would like to find out more on how we plan to take care of you and your family, call one of our attorneys today at (269) 342-9900 and see the difference small can make.

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