Traumatic Brain Injuries

Kalamazoo Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injury cases are very difficult and sensitive matters. Many times, the symptoms of serious brain injury will not appear until much farther down the road after your accident. For this reason, many insurance companies will attempt to offer you settlements upfront in hopes that you will accept now. This will cut off their liability when your medical bills become much larger in the future.
At Ford & Murphy, P.C., the experienced Kalamazoo TBI attorneys have helped numerous clients recovery from their traumatic brain injuries. They know what steps need to be taken in order to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries, both long term and short term. Contact the Michigan lawyers today in order to discuss all of your options.
Southwest Michigan Car Accident and TBI Attorneys
The lawyers at Ford & Murphy have a well-respected reputation for protecting their clients’ interests and seeing that justice is served. By helping you with your injuries, the law firm is also able to send a message that negligence will not be tolerated, thus helping to prevent future accidents from occurring in southwest Michigan.
Skilled personal injury lawyers can help you recover from your catastrophic injury no matter how it occurred, including:
Rear-end collisions
Bicycle accidents
Drunk driving accidents
Recreational accidents
Truck accidents
Any motor vehicle accident
Uncovering the Evidence That is Important in Your Case
Many tests that doctors perform on patients after a serious car accident, motorcycle wreck or other auto accident will not fully disclose the extent of your brain injuries. MRIs and CT scans will often not show mild to moderate brain injuries immediately following an accident. By working with the knowledgeable lawyers of Ford & Murphy, you can feel safe knowing that you are in good hands. They know what evidence to gather and where to look in order to uncover the proof needed to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve.
Fighting for a Safer Michigan — Call a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today
To speak with experienced Battle Creek TBI attorneys in a free consultation, call 269-342-9900. You may also contact the Michigan lawyers online.

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