Truck Accidents

If someone you love is killed in Michigan in an serious accident involving a truck, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Michigan law is very clear in stating that if an accident victim dies, the deceased’s estate has the legal right to sue the person responsible for that death and recover damages.

Pertinent Facts

Large trucks can weigh thousands of pounds. It’s the responsibility of the driver of those large automobiles to maintain proper control of them at all times. This includes making sure the brakes, horn, turn signals, tires, and other equipment on the truck meet or exceed reasonable safety standards. This is important because even a minor problem with the equipment on large, powerful trucks can lead to serious injury or death if they’re involved in an accident.

The driver of the truck must also be properly licensed, sober, and have had the appropriate amount of rest. They must also operate the truck at the appropriate speed for the conditions and make sure it is serviced regularly. Failure to do any of these things means chances are high that they or the company for which they work can be found liable for the accident and any injuries or death resulting from it. Determining whether the driver and the trucking company have fulfilled all their legal responsibilities is essential should an accident occur.

You Need Competent Legal Representation

The average person doesn’t have the resources to do a thorough examination of the driver and the truck involved in an accident. If that accident results in serious injury or death, it’s important get competent, experienced, legal presentation. A team of lawyers with the resources to do a thorough investigation and the wisdom to know what elements of the accident require close scrutiny. We have the investigators that are specially trained to identify problems with the truck and/or the driver involved in any accident.

But that is not the only reason you should choose us to represent you in a serious injury or wrongful death lawsuit against a truck driver, owner, or trucking company. We understand the complex legal issues involved in these cases including the importance of jury selection, the issues to be raised, interpreting the police report and witness statements, the jurisdiction in which the case is argued, and all other pertinent factors that are relevant to the outcome of the case. We know exactly what to do to get you the type of settlement you deserve.

Dangerous Trucks

Large trucks are involved in about 500,000 accidents in the U.S. each year. Approximately 5,000 of these result in fatalities. In fact, trucks are involved in more than 15% of traffic fatalities. About 98% of the fatalities in accidents between tractor trailers and passenger vehicles are people in the passenger vehicles. One the other hand, trucking generates more than $800 billion in revenues each year and is expected to keep growing.

Sadly, truck drivers and trucking companies sometimes attempt to circumvent safety rules in order to make more money. The increasing number of injuries and deaths caused by accidents involving trucks means the growth in commercial trucking is good for business but dangerous and even deadly for other drivers.

What Happens If The Truck Driver Was Not Completely At Fault

Determining who was at fault in these accidents can be challenging. Trucking companies often have high-powered attorneys to argue on their behalf in court. That can put the loved ones of the victim at a distinct disadvantage. We have successfully fought these companies many times and are willing go to bat for you to determine whether the truck and its driver were completely at fault or what their degree of liability is.

Know Your Rights

Whether your loved one was seriously injured or killed, you have the right to file suit to cover the costs associated with repairing or replacing their vehicle, paying medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, future earnings and funeral costs. But time is of the essence. There are strict filing deadlines and evidence becomes more difficult to collect with each day that passes. Contact us today and our experienced attorneys will begin immediately to work to get you the settlement you deserve.

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