Rear End Collisions

Rear-End Collision Injuries Lawyer Protecting Your Rights.

Did a negligent motorist or distracted driver seriously injure you in a rear-end collision? A skilled, sympathetic Michigan personal injury lawyer will help if you contact the law firm of Ford & Murphy, P.C., in Kalamazoo.

Ford & Murphy bring decades of experience and solid legal skills to your side as you pursue the financial compensation you need to cover accident-related expenses: medical bills and lost income. Compensation for your pain and suffering, and emotional trauma, and long-term care for a catastrophic injury, should also be reflected in the settlement they work hard to achieve for you.

Attorneys James B. Ford and William K. Murphy have a solid record for improving the lives of their clients — with intensive investigation, skilled negotiation and aggressive litigation in court if necessary. Ford & Murphy will represent you on a contingent fee basis so you do not have to worry about attorney fees. You will owe no attorney fee unless they settle or win your case.

The Ford & Murphy law firm fights for a safer Michigan every day. In Kalamazoo and west or southwest Michigan, call 269-342-9900 right now for a free consultation. You can also reach the firm online by e-mail.

Seriously Injured in a Rear-End Collision? Our Law Firm Can Help.

Car accident rear-end collisions are unique from other motor vehicle mishaps. Typically, the driver who is struck is either completely stopped at a stoplight or stop sign, or is only moving at a few miles per hour.

Rear-end collisions often produce disk damage in the cervical vertebrae, when the head is snapped back and forth suddenly; carpal tunnel injury, due to the understandable impulse to brace for the impact; head, closed head and facial injury from air bag deployment; and injuries to joints, ankles and knees due to flexing and bracing for oncoming impact.

Rear-end collisions are often the result of distracted driving or text messaging. Whatever the cause of your rear-end collision, Ford & Murphy will work hard for the positive results you need. They are genuinely concerned for your welfare, and always deal with you directly from day one. They work hard to earn your trust.

For the comforting legal representation that can bring you peace of mind while you recover from your rear-end collision accident injury, come to Ford & Murphy, P.C.

Free Consultations — Home and Hospital Visits Available

For a free consultation and case evaluation by our Kalamazoo rear-end collision injury attorneys, contact Ford & Murphy at 269-342-9900. If you need an evening appointment, or a visit to your home or hospital room, we will provide it.

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