Wrongful Death

Michigan Wrongful Death Attorneys

If a loved one has been killed by the negligence of another, the pain cannot be measured or quantified. Everyone handles grief in different ways and the lawyers at Ford & Murphy have been consulting with grieving family members for decades. They understand that nothing they can say or do will ever bring your family member back. However, they can offer you solace during turbulent times and provide you will the information that you will need to pursue your claim and protect your family’s rights. At Ford & Murphy, their mission is to improve their clients’ lives by navigating the justice system with empathy, compassion and skill.

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Monetary Damages CAN Be Determined

In Michigan, the only avenue that family members have to pursue a claim against a negligent entity or individual is through the civil justice system. In the civil justice system, the only relief available to family members is monetary. An experienced wrongful death attorney will have the knowledge to determine the monetary damages you have suffered. The lawyers at Ford & Murphy have the experience necessary to effectively evaluate your case and prove to a judge or jury that the damages you seek are justified. They will employ the methods and experts necessary to justify the claim. Don’t leave your claim to chance, retain a law firm with the means to aggressively pursue justice on your behalf.

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Your Story Needs to Be Told

In Michigan, a wrongful death case impacts the entire family. The deceased family member has a life story that deserves to be told to obtain justice. The lawyers at Ford & Murphy have the decades of experience necessary to be strong advocates for you and your family and to vividly and compassionately tell the story your deceased loved one. James Ford and William Murphy will take the time to get to know the family, the life and experiences of the deceased family member, and how his or her loss has impacted every family member. They will earn your trust and aggressively fight to protect your family’s rights in all Michigan courts.

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